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A life of service: the endearing story behind Music Seeds International

In this charities and not-for-profit podcast episode, Ruo was deeply inspired following her discussion with founder and CEO Ross Green at the Canadian registered charity Music Seeds International. They spoke about how the charity empowers the youth and those affected by war, poverty, and disease through music as well as its future plans to help Ukrainian refugees. They also discussed:

  • How “passion” marked the humble beginnings for Music Seeds International;
  • Using music as creation, education, medicine & art form;
  • Surviving in lock-down & projects through word of mouth;
  • Working in Nepal (with the amazing Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School), Thailand & Burma
  • Process of writing and recording songs;
  • How the charity has funded its future funding plans;
  • Meaning & fulfilment behind living a life of service;
  • Plans to work with Ukrainian refugees kids in Eastern Europe; and
  • Celebrated Music Seeds’ various projects ( To see more of their innovative programmes below, please visit:
    • Songlish – using the song writing process to teach the kids about grammar and rhyming etc. (Colours, Alphabet Food, Hello My Names Is)
    • Awareness in Music (AIM) – Social Awareness topics like littering (Clean India), Food/nutrition (Planting Gardens)
    • The Original – The kids write an original song choosing the topic and language

Speaker bio:

In the 80’s, as a singer/songwriter in Western Canada, Ross was awarded recording grants through the Alberta Music Project and FACTOR (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Record) to pursue his original music. In 1998 he completed his first CD, ‘Biting the Hand’, and more recently, ‘Life in a Spiral’.

In 2007, in an effort to create more meaning in his life, he made a list of his passions: music, travel, and kids. With a skill set acquired from music, TV and video production, and a desire to be of service, he created Music Seeds International (