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A very noble New Beginnings

An inspirational interview with the remarkable chief executive, Grace Gomez, who went from being homeless to running an inspiring homelessness and relief of poverty charity, New Beginnings. Head of Charities and not-for-profit Ruo Wu had a heart- to – heart discussion on the fantastic work the charity is doing in offering not only free clothing, food, but also compassion for those in need. They also discussed the ways in which the charity is removing stigma attached to those asking for help, where in the end, if someone were to peer through the charity’s window, it would be hard for them to tell who was the volunteer and who was the ‘disadvantaged’.  This podcast exemplifies what can be achieved through compassion, sheer determination and faith. They also discussed:

  • how the charity helps address the real shame which is not asking for help, but where there is no help when help is needed;
  • the virtuous cycle of those receiving a hand and wanting to lend a hand;
  • how the charity helps those falling through the state net;
  • the ‘JAM’ (Just About Managing) families & the perception of who the ‘disadvantaged’ really are;
  • and celebrated the charity’s amazing volunteers; and
  • the incredible work of Alana House, ReadiFood and FSP’s ultimate team cycling challenge between 1st-8th March, cycling a collective 500 miles to raise money for the registered charity Smart Works and our plans to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day by interviewing the chief executive of the registered charity Berkshire Women’s Aid in our next episode.

Speaker bio:

Grace works part time for a local charity and is the chairperson and founder of the charity New Beginnings Reading and the community group the Way Ministry Reading.  She is a wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 2 gorgeous granddaughters.  Her faith is the driving force of  her life. Grace believes in loving your neighbour as yourself as love does no wrong and has worked in the local authority for 19 years and then was the administrator for a small local charity. Grace is a keen volunteer and has given many hours volunteering over the last eight years.

Grace and her husband founded the community group The Way Ministry Reading in December 2012. The Way Ministry Reading serves a hot meal and provides living essentials to homeless and vulnerable adults in Reading. The needs of these people in Reading have been the driving force and the heart of New Beginnings Reading and the services it now offers. Grace is incredibly proud of what New Beginnings Reading have accomplished in 3 and half short years.  The support from the community has been phenomenal.  People are the heartbeat of everything Grace does and strives to achieve. Grace feels privileged to be in a position to serve our community along with the many others who have a desire to do so.