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There is pressure in every industry to provide a unique customer-experience.  However, as Joe Lott reports, be very careful to plan for the unexpected.


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Joe Lott

Joe Lott

Liquid Nitrogen cocktails. Sounds like something a James Bond villain might threaten the hero with.  In fact, it's a "drink experience" to entice the thrill-seeking palate - the effect of the liquid nitrogen is to create a dry-ice-style steam off the top of the drink, so the customer appears to be receiving something that might be served up by Morticia Adams.
Sounds cool?  Well, it is, but if served incorrectly "cool" becomes full-on freezing and poor Gaby Scanlon, out for her 18th birthday celebration in Lancaster, drank two £8.95 "nitro Jagermeisters" the effect of which was to freeze-burn her stomach so severely that it had to be surgically removed to save her life.
There are calls from Miss Scanlon's local MP to ban the use of liquid nitrogen in drinks.  Meanwhile, the operator is undoubtedly facing the full impact of investigations by the Health and Safety Executive, the Food Standards Agency and/or Lancaster City Council's Food Safety and Licensing teams, as well as a high-value personal injury claim from the young lady herself.
This sort of incident breaks businesses, and it's not just the entertainment or food and drink sectors that need to be concerned about potential dangers from their products.  Any step out of the ordinary may well provide a unique attraction to customers, but must be carefully assessed to make sure that those very customers are not being put in danger.  While we hope that none of our clients ever find themselves in this situation, if you do we have the knowledge and experience to help.  If you have any concerns about health and safety or food safety regulations, call Tim Child, head of our Regulatory and Licensing team to discuss them on 0118 951 6352, or contact Joe by email on