Debt recovery

Our debt recovery team deals with all aspects of the debt recovery process, credit control, bringing claims and enforcing judgments.

Group contact

Joe Lott

Joe Lott

We offer a structured approach to dealing with claims for unpaid invoices whatever the size of debt.

We understand that legal fees are an additional expense and therefore offer a fixed fee charging system so that you can set a budget and make commercial decisions about how to achieve the best recovery.

The service

  • staged approach to recovering unpaid debts, whatever the amount
  • fixed-fee charging structure enabling you to budget for the recovery process
  • the flexibility necessary to provide you with commercially-minded legal advice
  • guarantee of personal contact with members of the team

We will tailor a strategy to suit each debt and particular debtor.  We can, for example, dispense with certain stages if you have had protracted correspondence with your debtor before involving us or pursue insolvency proceedings if we consider that this would result in a quicker recovery.

If additional work is required, we charge on a time-spent basis at our hourly rates.  We charge on this basis for issuing and representing you throughout any court or insolvency proceedings, if your claim becomes disputed at any time, or if we become involved in protracted settlement negotiations or administering an instalment plan.  Other costs may be payable in addition to our charges.

We are always prepared to consider offering discounts for bulk debt recovery clients.