Our highly experienced litigation team helps you deal with every kind of commercial dispute.

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We would like to show you some of our innovative litigation tools like decision trees and cost budgets that allow us to give you a clear idea of what your options are and the cost implications. For a free demonstration please contact Bill Dixon on 0118 951 6328.

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Tom Maple

Tom Maple

We are unusual for a firm in the Thames Valley in being able to handle a wide range of disputes from work for the local business community and high net worth individuals through to international and other work more typically done in the City.

Client confidentiality is key but some of our recent cases have included:

  • Labrouche v Frey (2016) - a multi-million dollar international private trust dispute involving parallel proceedings overseas.  Recent judgement ruled on a variety of issues including the nature of a trustee's duty to account, correct approach to drawing inferences from historical events and defences for trustees who act honestly and reasonably
  • advising on a construction dispute over a terminal building at a major international airport
  • Gold v BDW - a £9 million construction dispute that led to several leading reported court judgments in the TCC
  • dealing with an internation arbitration under LMAA rules on a dispute over an international supply contract
  • a multi-million dollar shareholder dispute following a business sale with parallel proceedings overseas
  • an OFT investigation into the construction industry in relation to alleged cover pricing