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We advise on all aspects of UK tax from entreprenurial reliefs to corporate structuring, including estate planning, VAT, stamp duties and employee tax solutions.

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Philippa Roles

Philippa Roles

Recent work undertaken by the group includes:

  • regularly drafting and negotiating tax indemnities and warranties for deals covering a broad range of industry areas and turnover size
  • advising collaborating landowners on asset pooling as a way to mitigate capital gains tax issues on disposals to developers
  • advising a Cypriot company, held by an offshore trust structure, on the impact of the transfer of assets abroad legislation
  • providing expert opinions for use in a professional negligence claim against a network of advisers who recommended and established tax mitigation structures using sideways loss relief and remuneration trusts
  • advising a property rental partnership on the SDLT implications of incorporation
  • reviewing a high net worth individual's portfolio of business holdings and advising on restructuring to maximise availability of claims to Investor's Relief, Entrepreneur's Relief and Business Property Relief
  • advising a US parent company on unwinding an offshore employee benefit trust arrangement in a recently acquired UK subsidiary
  • co-ordinating a complex tax efficient restructuring of a high net worth individual's £130 million portfolio of UK assets
  • advising and assisting a UK holding company on the tax efficient restructuring of its Australian sub-group
  • advising on the classification of distributions by trustees
  • advising and assisting clients on the use of Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share option schemes and growth share schemes in a wide range of business models 
  • advising a UK AIM listed company on establishing an employee benefit trust to provide a market for shares to be used in an employee share scheme
  • advising and assisting a US limited liability company on extending its US stock option plan to UK employees
  • advising an international charity on claiming relief from stamp duty land tax
  • advising on the tax efficient demerger of a UK engineering group and separately advising a property group on the demerger of its £24 million portfolio of UK property
  • advising on and co-ordinating a section 110 Insolvency Act (members voluntary insolvency) demerger to seperate out trading and property investment businesses and on a seperate matter, demerging to split two differing trade types
  • advising a start-up on using the Enterprise Investment Scheme and SEIS to attract investors with the offer of tax reliefs and preparing advance assurance
  • advising application charities on VAT issues and how to attract donations benefitting from tax reliefs 
  • providing an expert's opinion on the application of capital gains tax and principle private residence relief for use in matrimonial court proceedings
  • advising on the interplay between business property relief and agricultural property relief in relation to farm holdings within estates
  • advising an offshore company on establishing a UK trading presence and the consequences of that presence