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Football & Philanthropy: the sensational Watford FC’s Community Sports & Education Trust

A strikingly touching discussion, celebrating the work of Watford FC’s Community Sports & Education Trust, a charity that is making a positive difference through sport, physical activity and learning.

In this podcast Ruo Wu and guest on this podcast Chris Norton, Chair and Director of the Watford FC’s Community Sports & Education Trust, also discussed:

  • Bringing business mentality into making the charity profitable & successful;
  • Celebrity backing from (the late) Graham Taylor, Rita Taylor and Elton John;
  • Pioneered programmes for football players to serve their local community to improve wellbeing, education and social inclusion;
  • Pivoting charitable activities during Covid such as turning Watford Football ground into a sanctuary for NHS front-line staff;
  • Celebrating Watford FC’s promotion into the premier league & the entry of Watford FC Women into the FA Women’s Championships;
  • Social inclusion programmes to divert young people away from anti-social behaviour and supporting community cohesion;
  • Launch of the ground-breaking Foundation Degree programme (FdA Football Development and Coaching)  in partnership with Middlesex University;
  • Watford FC players acting as a source of inspiration to children and young adults;
  • ‘Golden Memories’ programme to help those living with dementia and their carers; and
  • Celebrating the incredible upcoming charitable event Reading legal walk Monday 12th July 2021.

Speaker bio:

Chris is passionate about achieving transformation and productivity growth. Chris has a long-standing career in Technology and Change Management roles, transforming and defining the way technical and customer services’ models are implemented. As the Director for Mentor Group, his strong passion is to use working with people and organisations to help achieve and sustain transformational changes in personal, client and revenue outcomes. Along with Chris’ long history in the corporate world, he has a deep love for his community.

Being a sports fan, he became the Chairman of the Watford FC’s Community Sports & Education Trust, where it has helped over 15,000 children per year through coaching, education, and social inclusion programmes.  Chris believes the formula to success is to use sports as the foundation to engage, motivate and deliver lasting change to the lives of the children and the community.

Chris has also successfully authored and published two books: The DNA of Success and Bareknuckle Customer service.