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FSP assists The Avenue Special Needs Academy

We recently recruited a crew of FSP gardeners to help build The Avenue Special Needs Academy gardens for their users (who are boys and girls from the age of 2 to 19 with complex Special Educational Needs). The school was keen for our assistance so they did not miss their spring planting season.  It had dawned on us an hour in that the work would be pretty back-breaking as it involved wheel-barrowing tonnes of compost and soil and transferring that to 7 deep flower beds/crates. In the end we spent over 5 hours doing this and the photo here was taken at the end of the day to show you the size of each of the flower beds.

We were all individually grateful for this experience and to see the immediate impact we had made to the school. One of the teachers informed us that we must have moved around 6 tonnes of soil and compost. Not sure if that was a mathematically accurate estimate but it sure felt like we had as a team!