The FSP team has the experience and expertise to guide you smoothly through your family issues with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of care.

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Susan Baker

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Recent work undertaken by the team includes:

Divorce and separation

  • Ensuring a client was properly advised in relation to "venue of divorce" proceedings when the courts in Italy and the courts in the UK had jurisdiction to deal with the dispute.
  • Bringing nullity proceedings for wife where husband refused to consummate the marriage including obtaining negotiated financial settlement.
  • Bringing and concluding in client’s favour a defended divorce suit upon respondent party’s unreasonable behaviour.
  • Advising numerous clients in relation to pre-nuptial agreements, pre-civil partnership agreement, together with deeds of separation and of cohabitation.

Finance and property

  • Acting for a husband in the case of a very short marriage where the wife sought to claim half his wealth. On appeal the husband successfully reduced the wife’s claims to a sum to reflect her limited contribution.
  • Acting for a wife to freeze her husband’s assets to prevent him spending existing capital as well as capital due to him by way of inheritance.
  • Successfully acting for a husband to discharge a freezing injunction obtained without notice by the wife to prevent the husband from gaining access to her redundancy payment.
  • Successfully representing a wife in ancillary relief proceedings issued by her husband in which he sought to make a claim upon a substantial share of her personal injury damages awarded to compensate her for serious injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Acting for a number of clients in financial proceedings involving international property, limited companies and other overseas assets. This work typically includes obtaining forensic accountancy evidence, foreign valuations and other evidence to assist the case of the individual client.


  • Successfully representing families upon applications to remove children from the jurisdiction of the UK in order to live abroad.
  • Successfully representing fathers on applications for shared residence or sole residence orders. In one case an application for a residence order was made on behalf of an Asian father who worked full time, yet the mother was unemployed. The client father was ultimately successful.
  • Representing the grandparents of children in contact and residence disputes.   Obtaining satisfactory conclusions in the case of two sets of grandparents involving a great deal of hostility from the respondent mother.
  • Advising a client who was fearful of abduction and taking necessary steps to prevent children being removed from the UK.