Our highly-regarded team of lawyers have the expertise to guide you smoothly through all issues relating to powers of attorney and deputyships.

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Rob Crowther

Rob Crowther group contact

Recent work carried out by the team includes:

  • Preparing lasting powers of attorneys for clients where the involvement of a medical practitioner is required for an assessment of mental capacity, either due to the client's health or due to family circumstances which increase the risk of the power being contested.
  • Arranging for enduring powers of attorney to be registered as quickly as possible where mental capacity is rapidly deteriorating.
  • Making urgent Court of Protection applications to give a deputies authority to purchase and sell properties.
  • 100% success rate in submitting annual deputyship accounts to the Office of the Public Guardian.
  • Acting as professional deputy for clients with mental capacity issues from birth and also due to accidents during their lifetime.
  • Whilst acting as a professional deputy we reported a carer for the mistreatment of our client.  We were involved in the police investigation and ultimately our client was moved to a home where she received appropriate care.
  • Acting as a professional deputy for a client who resided at a medium security hospital due to his dangerous nature caused by his mental capacity issues.
  • Acting as a professional deputy for several years for a client who ultimately moved to New Zealand.  We were then involved in the application to transfer the deputyship to the client's new deputy in New Zealand.
  • Applying to the Court of Protection for a professional deputy to be appointed for a client's ex-husband. Subsequently dealing with the proceedings on the appointment becoming contested and being successful in our application following a two-day contested hearing.