Probate applications and estate administration

Assisting individuals and organisations in an approachable and sympathetic way in all aspects of probate and estate administration.

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Rob Crowther

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Probate is the legal process necessary to validate (prove) a will following the death of the person who made the will.  Administration involves the collection of the assets of a deceased person, the payment of any debts and the distribution of the surplus to the beneficiaries.

Subject to certain exceptions, the estate of the deceased cannot be dealt with until probate has been granted.  We will ensure that the probate process is conducted smoothly and efficiently.  Unfortunately it is a fact of life that disputes regarding wills can arise and we can also help to work things out if things become difficult.

We offer a fixed-fee probate application service (for estates where there is no inheritance tax liability) and we offer a full probate service in other cases.  For more information you can read our Probate Application Service guide.

Our work as a provider of non-contentious legal services to the trust company of one of the major banks provides us with the fullest range of experience in our field and is an acknowledgment of our expertise.

Our team includes lawyers who are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and Solicitors for the Elderly.

Our team’s areas of expertise include:

  • acting both as and for personal representatives in the administration of large and small estates
  • calculating inheritance tax and dealing with H M Revenue and Customs
  • collecting in the assets, paying the liabilities and distributing the estate
  • dealing with income tax and capital gains tax issues during the administration period
  • applications for grants of representation
  • legal services to trust companies
  • will disputes and claims against estates
  • advising on deeds of variation
  • advice to executors and administrators regarding other post-death tax savings