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Our human rights in the age of coronavirus, Black Lives Matter protests and collaboration

Discussions with Olivia Percival, Advice and Information Manager at Liberty (National Council for Civil Liberties).

In this podcast my guest Olivia and I discuss human rights issues in the current climate and Liberty’s advice and information service. I also explore:

  • Liberty’s innovative and new approach for delivering legal advice and information
  • adapting in the current climate
  • BLM movement and protestor rights
  • collaboration tips
  • and celebrate some success stories of charities

About Olivia:

As manager of Liberty’s Advice & Information team, Olivia is responsible for providing strategic direction to Liberty’s public advice service, including developing innovative approaches to advice provision and managing casework and training projects.

Olivia is a qualified solicitor who has worked in private practice, the Government Legal Service and the Council of Europe. Prior to joining Liberty she was Research Assistant at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, carrying out research and policy work on human rights and access to justice issues.

Olivia is committed to making law and human rights more accessible to everyone regardless of their education level or financial means. For more information, please visit