Philippa Roles

About Philippa Roles

Philippa Roles is a Partner heading up the FSP Tax team within the Corporate group. She is also the Corporate Social Responsibility Partner.

Philippa advises on all aspects of UK corporate, property and entrepreneurial tax matters; including cross-border issues, VAT and stamp duties.

As well as providing transactional support for the corporate, commercial and property teams in the firm, Philippa has considerable experience advising on (and carrying out) corporate group restructuring, including hiving and demerging; as well as structuring joint venture arrangements and holdings of business and assets to maximise the availability of tax reliefs.

Philippa’s experience extends to include advising on fundraising; including the use of EIS and VCT arrangements (and applying for HMRC assurance in respect of the same). She is very hands on in supporting clients in this process, and willing to use her connections and those of the firm in order to assist clients in reaching their goals.

Building on Philippa’s strong academic background, she specialises in providing detailed technical opinion papers on a wide variety of tax issues. The most recent of which have included: repatriation of ownership of UK situated property; the application of the non-transferor charge under the transfer of assets abroad regime; options for exiting remuneration trusts and unwinding EBT arrangements; the use of bare trusts and land pooling in land collaboration ventures; the operation of the Lower Cost Trader provisions within the context of the VAT Flat Rate Scheme; the creation of a UK permanent establishment; the application of the SDLT rules; and providing expert opinions on tax avoidance arrangements and liabilities.

Despite the intensely technical nature and broad spectrum of tax practice areas that Philippa covers on a regular basis, she is known for being surprisingly commercial and pragmatic; which is considered to be an unusual trait for a tax lawyer. This unique selling point is borne out of the general counsel roles that Philippa performs for some of her clients.

Philippa is a non-executive director of E-Cargobikes.Com Ltd. She is also a non-executive director on the board of the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, where she is the programme lead for SME projects and chairperson of the nominations and governance committee.

Philippa has a PhD in legal philosophy and is the author of two industry technical guides published on Westlaw UK.

Philippa is a godsend. She is tireless, conscientious, a creative thinker who has the rare ability to see straight to the heart of the matter and a gift for connecting people. She is diplomatic, generous with her time and an inspiration to work with.
James Fitzgerald and Clare Elwes, founders, E-Cargobikes.Com Limited
Philippa Roles, and the team from Field Seymour Parkes, works the way a fast growing business needs them to work. They're thorough in their due diligence, insightful on their analysis of the issues their due diligence raises, detailed in their approach to the work that needs to be done and practical in the ultimate counsel they provide to their clients. They're clearly committed to the faithful representation of their clients' interests.
Kevin Kelly, President and Chief Operating Officer, Stampede Global LLC
The degree of technical and commercial advise has been outstanding. Philippa Roles in researching, refining and executing group tax planning has provided clear explanation and remains an essential ingredient of what is a very compelling strategy.
Mark Holden, Chairman, Ultimate Holdings
I have had many useful discussions with Philippa about complex cross border taxation and residence issues. Philippa readily transposes her considerable technical knowledge and expertise into commercially pragmatic advice.
Henry Scrase, Aegean Trust Company Limited
"She is an outstanding professional who understands not only the current regulatory climate, but also anticipates potential changes and advises accordingly."
"Very knowledgeable, responsive and efficient at dealing with tax-related matters"
"She has the rare ability to provide advice of very complex structures in a way that can be understood by a novice or an existing business owner."