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We prepare and advise on the contractual documentation for construction projects and deal with disputes arising in this sector.

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Cathrine Ripley

Cathrine Ripley

  • Fit for Purpose v Faulty Design Specifications

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    Date: 09 October 2017

    Who pays for remedial costs under a JCT Design and Build Contract when there has been no negligence on either side? Susan Wells considers a recent decision of the Supreme Court.
  • FSP handles headquarters disposal for US biotech business

    propertyconstructionproperty developmentcommercial property

    Date: 05 September 2017

    FSP has just completed the sale of Unither House in Chertsey for United Therapeutics who develop and produce treatments for patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions.
  • FSP advises funder lending to Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

    propertycommercial propertyconstructionbanking and finance

    Date: 08 May 2017

    Santander Corporate and Commercial Division have provided a new £7.4m facility to fund the complete refurbishment of legacy RAF buildings on their globally-important science park.
  • New “super depot” for Whistl

    propertycommercial propertyproperty developmentconstruction

    Date: 10 February 2017

    Marcus Francis, head of commercial property at FSP, has recently acted for Whistl UK Limited (the second largest postal operator in the UK) on their lease of a 225,000 square foot distribution warehouse in Bolton.
  • Code for Leasing Business Premises

    propertycommercial propertyproperty developmentconstructionbusiness startups

    Date: 01 June 2012

    The Lease Code is a voluntary code that aims to achieve fairness between landlords and tenants. Marcus Francis examines the extent to which it has been embraced by the property industry.
  • Contracts: getting out of a bad bargain

    propertycommercial technologycommercial propertyconstructioncorporateproperty disputesdispute resolutionbusiness

    Date: 03 February 2011

    Bill Dixon comments on a recent case the firm was involved in (Gold v BDW) on getting out of contracts which have come unprofitable.
  • The construction industry scheme


    Date: 29 January 2009

    If your company is spending more than £1m annually on construction operations, it is likely that a withholding tax scheme operated by HMRC will apply to the payments you make. Non-compliance can involve severe penalties. This guide provides an overview of the scheme.
  • Construction procurement


    Date: 29 January 2009

    The different types of contract used in the construction industry are numerous and varied. This guide gives an overview of the available methods of construction procurement.
  • Performance bonds and guarantees


    Date: 29 January 2009

    Needless to say, a construction project depends for its success on the contractor performing its obligations under the construction contract. This guide gives an overview of the methods used by developers to protect themselves against default by a contractor.
  • Collateral warranties


    Date: 03 November 2008

    Collateral warranties are now firmly embedded as a feature of construction projects, particularly those requiring development finance, but what is a collateral warranty, why do they exist and are they really necessary?