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If you are a landowner, developer or promoter, our strategic land team will guide you through these complex but potentially very valuable arrangements.

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Michael Higgin

Michael Higgin

Recent work undertaken by the group includes:

  • A landowner agreement between extended family members, and then a land-pooling trust and conditional contract with a developer for 60 acres of land in Berkshire to be developed for housing by BDW Trading;
  • Acting for a farming family entering into a promotion agreement for 30 acres of farmland at Sherfield near Basingstoke, with Gladman;
  • Acting for a promoter in a number of promotion agreements with farmers and estate owners in Devon, Cornwall and North Somerset, to promote land for housing, two of which have now secured outline planning permission and are progressing to sales;
  • Acting for a promoter entering into a promotion agreement over a golf course in the Bristol area;
  • A promotion agreement for 18.5 acres for residential development with a three year promotion term;
  • Granting a 5 year option over 80 acres of land south of Reading to Bellway;
  • Acting for a family group granting a promotion agreement over farmland near Slough to Bargate;
  • Granting a 12 + 7 year extension option over 40 acres to the west of Maidenhead to Gallagher;
  • Granting a 5 year + 1 + 1 year extension option over 11 acres of land south of Reading to Taylor Wimpey.