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The Spectacular Sport in mind

In this charities and not-for-profit podcast episode, Ruo Wu was inspired following her discussion with Laura Brooks, Head of Adult Services at Sport in Mind. They spoke about the charity’s incredible community based projects, how their creative adverts ended up on Reading buses, as well as discussing:

  • Laura’s journey to the charity;
  • the charity’s successful fundraising & RED January campaign: (;
  • the importance of mental health & supporting over 1,000 people during 2021;
  • other innovative & creative campaigns;
  • agile thinking & drawing funding;
  • the charity’s altruistic  & dedicated volunteers;
  • the work with Reading Voluntary Action and Berkshire Health NHS Foundation Trust on the social prescribing programme; and
  • and celebrating 9 year old Dexter’s “Decathlon” fundraising programme in using sport to educate and support children and young people’s mental health (

Listen to the full podcast here:

Speaker bio:

Laura Brooks is the Head of Adult Services at Sport in Mind, the charity that provides supported physical activity sessions to help improve the health and wellbeing of people experiencing mental health problems. She has worked on projects aimed at enhancing wellbeing through physical activity and engaging sedentary individuals for over 12 years, working for Ramblers, Macmillan Cancer Support and Cycling UK. In her previous role she worked closely with Macmillan Cancer Support to improve the confidence of Health and Social Care professionals in recommending and referring people into ‘Wellbeing Walks’ a physical activity programme. Mental Health charity Sport in Mind ® has been operational since 2011 and has gained national interest and acclaim for their work. They have a close working relationship with the NHS and deliver physical activity sessions in the community and in inpatient care.