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This International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias…period!

Recognising the trauma and anxiety caused by not having access to essential menstrual products, Bloody Good Period work to create a menstrually equitable society by providing asylum seekers, refugees and those in poverty and otherwise displaced people and their dependents with unrestricted access to high quality, free period supplies of their choice, accompanied by menstrual and female health education.

The distinguished all-female panellist features Rachel Grocott, Communications and Public Fundraising Director at Bloody Good Period, Andrea West, Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Women’s Aid, Estelle Christmas, trustee of Smart Works Reading, Ruo Wu, Head of Charities and not-for-profit and Rachael Maunder, Corporate Partner at Field Seymour Parkes.

The discussion touched on a wide range of topical issues, from:

  • what these charities are doing with refugee communities and women on spousal visa with no recourse to public funds (including help for Ukrainian refugees);
  • addressing some common biases and misconceptions;
  • awareness of period issues for employers and employees;
  • origins of “period shame” and cultural sensitives;
  • how women dress differently during their periods;
  • how every period is different and is only one part of a women’s reproductive cycle; and
  • opportunities for you to make a difference

**Please note this is a recording of a live webinar**