Before you apply

What we look for

Clients expect a lot from their lawyers so, inevitably, we look for a wide range of skills and talents in our Trainee Solicitors and Graduate Solicitor Apprentices.

To start with, you’ll need a decent intellect and an inquisitive mindset. (We usually look for the equivalent of at least 130 UCAS points and a 2.1 degree or above.)  You’ll be the kind of person who always wants to ask questions, think independently and solve problems.

Lawyers need to be able to focus on the detail while still seeing the bigger picture, including being able to assess the commercial impact and risks involved in any course of action under tight timescales. You will need to demonstrate a strong level of acumen in your experience and during our assessment day.

Just as importantly you’ll need strong communication, team-working and relationship building skills. You’ll be working with lots of different people, meeting clients, getting involved in business development and networking opportunities. We’ll help you hone those skills, but we look for a solid base to build on.

In addition, we expect drive, determination, discipline and resilience – you need all these skills to thrive and develop in a challenging career.

How to apply

To apply you should complete our short application form and submit your CV.

Your CV is very important. It should be set out clearly and concisely in plain English to a high standard of accuracy and should contain the following details:

  • All relevant school, further and higher education qualifications, including academic institutions, subject and grades.
  • Your relevant work experience / employment.
  • Any other achievements or experience which demonstrate relevant/ transferable skills and expertise.

Bear in mind what we are looking for and try to demonstrate your relevant skills and abilities in your CV and application form.

The selection process

We screen all candidates on the basis of their application form and CV. Shortlisted candidates then follow a selection process which includes a critical thinking assessment and an assessment day, including group and individual exercises and an interview. During the day candidates meet a variety of our people including some of our partners and trainee solicitors and have the opportunity to find out much more about what it’s like to be a Trainee Solicitor or Graduate Apprentice at FSP.

Assessment days take place in July or early August and decisions are usually made within a week of attending. We aim to offer all candidates who attend feedback on their performance.