Residential Conveyancing

When you are buying or selling a property you need a conveyancer who is efficient, diligent and dependable. At FSP that is exactly what you will get.


Our Residential Conveyancing specialists are here to help you get your deal done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Whether you are selling or buying (or doing both), we will do everything we can to ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and that you are kept fully informed at all times.

We would never pretend that every transaction runs exactly to plan but the test of a good lawyer is how he or she negotiates the bumps along the way. There is no getting away from the fact that your lawyer needs to be technically competent as well as having a good helping of common sense. That is what you will get at FSP. The other key ingredient is an efficient partnership between lawyer and client and we work very hard to ensure that this is achieved.

The group works closely with the firm’s wills, trusts and estates team and the divorce, family and civil partnership team to assist clients needing to transfer property following death or relationship breakdown.

Featured experience

  • Acting for clients selling a large town house in central London for just under £10 million
  • Acting for the receiver appointed by a mortgage lender to sell a portfolio of properties that had been repossessed
  • Acting for clients buying a country manor house with substantial land and buildings in need of complete renovation
  • Acting for the buyers of high value apartments in Central London, including compliance with landlords’ requirements
  • Acting for banks offering secured lending to individuals and companies
  • Acting for local and national development companies in relation to the sale of newly-built properties.
  • Assisting investment purchasers with the acquisition of a number of properties bought “off plan”
  • Preparing documentation required to dispose of a large portfolio of properties at auction
  • Arranging for properties to be transferred to various family members following the death of the owner
  • Transferring ownership of properties pursuant to a Court Order made in divorce proceedings and documenting the resulting beneficial interests of the parties
  • Advising a client in relation to the first registration of land where the title deeds had been lost
  • Assisting clients with an application to register a right of way acquired by long use
  • Assisting clients in the release of restrictive covenants imposed for the benefit of adjoining land