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    • Please note that we do not accept payment by AMEX.

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    • Thank you for choosing to pay your FSP invoice via our online payment facility. This secure payment facility allows you to pay your invoice by either [credit or debit] cards. All payments must be made in GBP. The online payments are made through a Barclaycard hosted payment page. Payments may take 3-5 days to reach our account.
    • Only payments in respect of an FSP invoice can be made through the online payment system. Online payments can only be accepted from our client (i.e. the person to whom our invoice is addressed) and only up to the value of the invoice. We cannot accept payments on account or in respect of amounts not yet invoiced by FSP through the payment system.
    • In order to ensure that the payment is correctly matched to the invoice please ensure that you always include the relevant invoice number when making the payment. You can only pay one invoice in a transaction.
    • If you wish to pay amounts other than an FSP invoice or if you are making the payment on behalf of the client please contact our Accounts Team on 0118 951 6218.
    • [As a result of paying through this online payment portal we may send or share your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) but only where our agreement with the recipient and the laws of the recipient’s country offer adequate levels of data protection and confidentiality.

All payments will be reviewed prior to acceptance onto our ledgers and therefore may be delayed by up to 3-5 days.

  • If you need any further information of if you have any concerns regarding your payments please call the Accounts Team on 0118 951 6218
  • [This online payment system is compliant with the UK and EEA data protection and credit card payments regulations]