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Brexit Spotlight launched

Imelda Reddington is delighted to announce a new area of the FSP website for all Brexit related developments as well as other updates.

We have launched a new area on our website called ‘Brexit: Spotlight’ to keep you up to date with all Brexit developments.  The imminent end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, just five months away, leaves very little time for preparation.

The spotlight will include regular updates on how Brexit affects businesses and individuals in the UK and those travelling to Europe for business or pleasure.

We will follow the latest negotiations and post updates on how trade talks are progressing and provide useful information to help you to prepare for exit day.

FSP can assist your business with any aspect of the preparation for exit day.  Please visit our page for the latest developments and guides on how you can prepare:

Brexit webinar 22 September 2020

With Brexit a matter of months away, it is time to assess are we Brexit ready?

The webinar will focus on how businesses can ensure their European staff can continue to work in the UK after exit day and how employers can continue to recruit from Europe for vacancies from next year.

A new immigration system will operate from 1 January 2021 and will affect the way employers recruit workers from overseas (to include Europe).  We will look at how employers can prepare now.

We will cover right to work checks for European nationals and how to maintain a compliant process for existing staff and review the temporary measures in place for COVID19.

Finally, we will cover any new developments on trade negotiations as they unfold.

Please sign up for our webinar on Tuesday 22 September 2020 at 11am.  It will be an hour packed with information to help you prepare your business for the end of the transition period and beyond.  Use the link below to register for your place.

Immigration newsletter

For the past 9 months we have been sharing immigration news through the employment newsletter.

With so much happening in the immigration arena, we have decided to develop our own monthly newsletter.  The immigration newsletter will be published in the middle of each month starting from August 2020.  We will share interesting developments on all topics relating to immigration and Brexit.  The next 5 months will be focused on Brexit preparation as well as the new immigration system implementation.  We will of course share information regularly on the Brexit Spotlight, so please check for updates.

Click here to sign up to our immigration newsletter.

If you need assistance on inbound immigration to the UK, please contact [email protected].