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Penelope Garden

Penelope Garden

  • Day in the life of a corporate trainee


    Date: 15 May 2018

    Our corporate trainees provide an insight into the typical day of a trainee solicitor in our corporate team.
  • FSP advises on sale of ONELAN Limited to US buyer


    Date: 09 May 2018

    The corporate team at Field Seymour Parkes has advised on the sale of the entire issued share capital of ONELAN Limited to PE backed Uniguest.
  • FSP advises on business sale for TCG Residential Ltd


    Date: 25 April 2018

    The corporate team at Field Seymour Parkes has advised TCG Residential Ltd on the sale of its lettings and property management services business.
  • FSP advises NCAM Technologies on investment by YFM


    Date: 16 March 2018

    The private equity team at Field Seymour Parkes have advised UK-based NCAM Technologies on an investment by funds managed by YFM Equity Partners.
  • FSP advises on disposal of commercial property portfolio


    Date: 02 February 2018

    Field Seymour Parkes LLP advised on what was understood to be one of 2017’s largest mixed industrial real estate portfolio sales in the UK.
  • FSP advises Coast to Capital on Thrivemap investment


    Date: 31 January 2018

    Venture Capital team advises on latest funding round.
  • Preparing your business for sale


    Date: 05 January 2018

    Just like selling your house, selling a business can be a stressful time. Harriet Morris, a trainee in our corporate team, highlights ten ways you can prepare your business for sale.
  • FSP advises PIE’s founders on MML investment


    Date: 03 January 2018

    FSP have advised the founders of Property Information Exchange on a recent private equity investment.
  • FSP advises Limited

    corporatebusinessbusiness startupsp-philippa-roles

    Date: 21 December 2017

    Philippa Roles, head of tax at Field Seymour Parkes LLP, has assisted on its first round of investment raising.
  • Deal or no deal: how will Brexit affect EU trade marks?

    businesscorporatecommercial technology

    Date: 20 December 2017

    Susan Wells looks at the European Commission’s recent notice as to how a “no deal” Brexit would affect EU trade marks.
  • FSP advises on sale of City Lettings


    Date: 22 November 2017

    The corporate team at Field Seymour Parkes has advised Phil Shaul and Sarah Hull on the sale of the entire share capital of City Lettings (Norwich) Limited, to Leaders, part of the Leaders Roman Group.
  • FSP advises on sale of Crystal Palace Physio Group


    Date: 25 August 2017

    FSP have advised the shareholders of Crystal Palace Physio Group on their sale to Rehabworks Limited (“RehabWorks”).
  • Failing to prevent tax evasion is now an offence

    taxarticlescorporatebusinesswills trusts taxEmploymentp-philippa-roles

    Date: 21 July 2017

    Philippa Roles considers the new provisions making companies and partnerships liable to criminal charges if a person associated with them knowingly or unknowingly facilitates tax evasion by another person and they did not have sufficient procedures in place to prevent that facilitation.
  • FSP advises PIE on PSG Connect merger


    Date: 12 July 2017

    FSP’s corporate team have advised Property Information Exchange Limited (“PIE”) on its merger with PSG Connect Limited (“PSG”).
  • In-House Investigations – Losing Privilege

    dispute resolutioncorporate

    Date: 16 May 2017

    A recent case has limited the scope of litigation privilege for in-house investigations.
  • FSP advises shareholders of Lewis Chambers and Plan4Wealth on £10m sale


    Date: 14 March 2017

    A team from Field Seymour Parkes have advised the shareholders of Chambers Group and Plan4Wealth on the sale of the entire issued share capital of the companies to Succession Group in a deal which values the businesses at more than £10m.
  • FSP advises the Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund on Rotor Videos investment


    Date: 22 February 2017

    Rotor latest business to benefit from C to C investment.
  • FSP advises Cloud Direct on Connect Support Services acquisition

    corporatebusinesscorporate recovery and insolvencyp-philippa-roles

    Date: 20 February 2017

    FSP advises Cloud Direct on further acquisition.
  • FSP advise EM3 on Utonomy investment


    Date: 17 February 2017

    Utonomy latest business to receive funding from Enterprise M3 (EM3) Growth Fund.
  • FSP advises Cloud Direct on AlwaysOn acquisition


    Date: 07 February 2017

    Latest in a series of acquisitions on which FSP has advised Cloud Direct.
  • FSP advises Finch on acquisition of Citymain Insurance Services


    Date: 12 January 2017

    A team at FSP led by Senior Partner Ian Wood-Smith have advised Finch Commercial Insurance Brokers on the business purchase of Citymain Insurance Services, a boutique Hampshire broker.
  • What can the UK offer international business?


    Date: 03 January 2017

    Philippa Roles considers why the UK is still an ideal destination for international business, despite having opted to leave the European Union.
  • When exactly is “close of business”?

    commercial technologycorporatedispute resolutionbusiness

    Date: 23 December 2016

    Working late in the modern age. Bill Dixon, a partner in the Dispute Resolution & Litigation team considers a recent commercial court judgment on the legal meaning of “close of business”.
  • Business Rates overhaul in 2017

    propertycommercial propertycorporate

    Date: 13 October 2016

    The process to appeal Business Rates assessments in England is being overhauled in 2017 to coincide with the 2017 Rating Revaluation. Anna Zatouroff, a senior associate in our Commercial Property team, outlines the new system.
  • Brexit: Keep Calm and Don’t Panic

    taxcorporatebusinessp-philippa-rolesdispute resolutioncommercial technology

    Date: 29 September 2016

    Philippa Roles, head of Tax at FSP, speculates on the likely consequences of Brexit in the field of indirect taxation - primarily VAT and customs duties - in the UK.
  • Proposed criminal offence may impose new burdens on companies

    dispute resolutionbusinesscommercial technologycorporateregulatory risk

    Date: 28 September 2016

    Bill Dixon, a partner in the Dispute Resolution & Litigation team, considers the government’s proposals to extend the existing corporate offence of failure to prevent bribery to other economic crimes.
  • FSP advises on the purchase of Arleigh Group


    Date: 27 September 2016

    Field Seymour Parkes LLP advises LKQ Euro Limited, subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed LKQ Corporation, on its purchase of Arleigh Group.
  • Contractual exclusion clauses - Do they apply?

    dispute resolutionbusinesscorporatecommercial technology

    Date: 18 July 2016

    Tom Maple, partner in the Dispute Resolution team, considers whether contractual exclusion and limitation clauses are binding on the parties to a contract.
  • Is an unwritten agreement still a contract?

    dispute resolutionbusinesscorporatecommercial technologyproperty

    Date: 15 July 2016

    Tom Maple, partner in the Dispute Resolution team, considers whether contracts have to be in writing and/ or signed for them to be binding.
  • Not a Game of Drones – Operating within the Law

    dispute resolutionbusinesscorporatecommercial technologyautomotive

    Date: 14 July 2016

    Tom Maple, partner in the Dispute Resolution team, takes a closer look at the law relating to the flying of “small unmanned aircraft”, more commonly known as Drones.
  • Liability of directors or shareholders - Can you pierce the veil?

    dispute resolutionbusinesscorporatedivorce family civil partnershipscorporate recovery and insolvency

    Date: 06 July 2016

    Tom Maple, head of our Dispute Resolution team, considers the circumstances in which directors and/ or shareholders might be held personally liable to third parties.
  • FSP advises on the sale of Dia-Stron Limited


    Date: 24 May 2016

    Field Seymour Parkes LLP advises on the sale of Dia-Stron Limited to AIM listed Judges Scientific plc.
  • Tax avoidance schemes – advising on the risk of failure

    individualsbusinesscorporatedispute resolution

    Date: 19 May 2016

    Tom Maple looks at two recent cases regarding tax avoidance and the need for advisers advising on all tax avoidance schemes to provide clear comprehensive advice.
  • Corporate Governance Changes: are you ready?

    corporatebusinessventurebusiness startupspartnerships

    Date: 08 April 2016

    Rachael Maunder looks at the changes brought about by the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015.
  • Bribery as a Defence to a Contract Claim

    dispute resolutionbusinesscommercial technologycorporate

    Date: 04 April 2016

    Bill Dixon, a partner in FSP’s Dispute Resolution team, looks at a recent High Court decision which considered whether a contract obtained through bribery was enforceable.
  • FSP advises on the sale of Wokingham Motors


    Date: 02 February 2016

    Field Seymour Parkes LLP advises shareholders on the sale of Wokingham Motors to Eden Motor Group.
  • FSP advises on first investments made by Thames Valley Berkshire Growth Fund


    Date: 26 January 2016

    FSP advises The FSE Group on investments by Thames Valley Berkshire Growth Fund into Oobedoo and Takestock
  • FSP advises Burnham Business Psychology on merger


    Date: 07 January 2016

    Assessment and Development Consultants merges with Burnham Business Psychology.
  • FSP advises Whistl on a management buy-out


    Date: 07 January 2016

    The corporate team at Field Seymour Parkes LLP have advised the management team of Whistl (formerly TNT Post) on a management buy-out from Dutch group PostNL BV.
  • FSP advises Coast to Capital on Cloud Airport Spas


    Date: 28 October 2015

    Field Seymour Parkes LLP has advised The FSE Group on the investment by the Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund in a new concept beauty business, Cloud Airport Spas Limited.
  • FSP advises Potterspury Lodge School on sale


    Date: 03 August 2015

    Field Seymour Parkes LLP has advised Potterspury Lodge School on the sale of the special educational needs school in Towcester to the Cambian Group.
  • FSP advises Coast to Capital on eReceipts investment


    Date: 16 June 2015

    FSP advises the FSE Group on the investment by Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund into eReceipts.
  • Are employee shareholder share schemes beneficial?


    Date: 20 May 2015

    Philippa Roles, head of Tax at FSP, considers how Employee Shareholder Shares can be used as a tool for incentivising employees.
  • FSP advises Coast to Capital on HealthUnlocked investment


    Date: 12 May 2015

    FSP advises The FSE Group on the investment by the Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund into HealthUnlocked.
  • Stop Press: Holiday pay to include commission


    Date: 02 April 2015

    Employment Tribunal confirms that holiday pay should include commission; David Clay looks at the practical implications of the judgment in Lock v British Gas.
  • FSP advises Dolphin Head on external investment into investee company B2M


    Date: 05 January 2015

    FSP advises Dolphin Head on external investment into investee company B2M.
  • FSP Advises Eyesite on Lloyds Roberts Acquisition


    Date: 10 September 2014

    FSP Advises Eyesite on Lloyds Roberts Acquisition
  • Earn-outs – as valuable as they first appear?


    Date: 20 August 2014

    You’ve had a cracking offer for your business but part of the purchase price is linked to an earn-out – is the offer as attractive as it first appears?
  • FSP helps Oxford Capital Partners invest with Intent


    Date: 28 July 2014

    FSP helps Oxford Capital Partners invest with Intent.
  • Hives Planning merges with Smiths Gore


    Date: 03 June 2014

    FSP corporate team advises Hives on the merger of its business with Smiths Gore
  • FSP advises Stewarts Coaches on acquisition of Woods


    Date: 30 May 2014

    Penelope Garden advises on a strategic acquisition.
  • Holiday Pay Should Include Commission


    Date: 04 February 2014

    The ECJ has indicated that workers who regularly earn commission should have this reflected in their holiday pay. David Clay from our Employment Team reports on the practical implications.
  • Subject to contract?

    businesspropertycommercial propertycommercial contractscorporate

    Date: 22 November 2013

    The very recent case of Newbury v. Sun Microsystems is a reminder to businessmen and lawyers alike that care is required to avoid negotiations becoming binding contracts.
  • A merry Christmas party?


    Date: 06 November 2013

    Top Tips on how to avoid seasonal celebrations turning into a New Year tribunal claim.
  • Preparing your website for business

    businessintellectual propertycorporateadvertising and marketingcommercial technologybusiness startups

    Date: 16 May 2013

    Cathrine Ripley explains the key points that should be considered by website owners before doing business on the web.
  • Trade marks and the use of "own name"

    businessintellectual propertycorporateadvertising and marketingcommercial technologybusiness startups

    Date: 14 April 2013

    Don’t assume you can use a trade mark just because it is the same as your own name - the Cipriani cases have highlighted this is not necessarily the case as Cathrine Ripley explains.
  • Getting your business ready for sale

    taxarticlescorporatebusinessbusiness startupspartnerships

    Date: 11 April 2013

    What are the key planning points to consider when preparing your business for sale? And what do you do to ensure the best possible tax treatment? Philippa Roles and Penelope Garden provide some pointers.
  • Financing a business start-up

    corporatebusinessbusiness startups

    Date: 19 February 2013

    Alex Illingworth considers what options may be available to you, if you are trying to raise finance to set up or expand a business.
  • Are trustees liable for pension deficits


    Date: 19 February 2013

    In what circumstances might a trustee of an unincorporated charity be held personally responsible for a pension scheme deficit? Are those trustees protected if the charity is incorporated?
  • Starting out: should I set up a company?

    corporatebusinessbusiness startups

    Date: 01 February 2013

    Rachael Maunder looks at the different business structures available to a new business: sole trader, partnership or company and highlights key factors that might sway your decision as to which structure to adopt.
  • Gift Aid: small donations scheme

    businesscorporatecharitiestaxwills trusts tax

    Date: 17 October 2012

    From April 2013 charities and community amateur sports clubs will be able to claim Gift Aid style payments for small donations without the need for individual donor declarations.
  • Directors' liabilities in insolvency

    businesscorporatecorporate recovery and insolvencyp-chris-brightling

    Date: 19 July 2012

    If you are a director of a company that is in financial difficulty, the actions you take now may be scrutinised in the future if the company goes under and could give rise to personal liability or disqualification as a director.
  • Charity donations: a useful tax planning tool

    businesscorporatecharitieswills trusts taxtax

    Date: 12 July 2012

    As we all continue to feel the pinch, and with no immediate end in sight to these austere times, is there anything charities can do to encourage people to keep donating?
  • Directors' disqualification orders

    businesscorporatecorporate recovery and insolvencyp-chris-brightlingbusiness startups

    Date: 29 June 2012

    The number of directors' disqualifications has reached its highest level since the burst of the dotcom bubble. Harry Pearson explains the importance of complying with directors' duties.
  • Corporate governance - key to business success

    businesscorporatebusiness startups

    Date: 09 September 2011

    Rachael Maunder from our corporate team looks at the importance of good corporate governance in your business.
  • EIS: attracting investors

    businessbanking and financecorporatebusiness startupstax

    Date: 15 April 2011

    Using the Enterprise Investment Scheme (referred to as EIS) to attract cash investment in your business.
  • What are the pitfalls for a growing business?

    businesscorporatebusiness startups

    Date: 30 March 2011

    Rachael Maunder highlights some areas that may present challenges for growing businesses.
  • Copyright licences

    businesscommercial technologycorporateintellectual property

    Date: 15 March 2011

    What does a copyright licence allow you to do?
  • Contracts: getting out of a bad bargain

    propertycommercial technologycommercial propertyconstructioncorporateproperty disputesdispute resolutionbusiness

    Date: 03 February 2011

    Bill Dixon comments on a recent case the firm was involved in (Gold v BDW) on getting out of contracts which have come unprofitable.
  • Selling up? Don't double your trouble

    businesscommercial propertycorporatedispute resolutionresidential propertybusiness startups

    Date: 28 January 2011

    Penny Garden from our corporate team explains what to watch out for if you are selling a business or house and decide to change your corporate finance adviser or estate agent.
  • Share schemes and staff motivation

    businesscorporatebusiness startupstax

    Date: 26 November 2010

    Our tax expert, Philippa Roles, looks at the different types of employee share scheme available and the use of such schemes as a tool for incentivising and rewarding staff.
  • Trading in the UK

    businesscorporatebusiness startupstax

    Date: 26 November 2010

    This quick guide by our tax expert, Philippa Roles, gives an overview of the key issues for overseas businesses to consider when looking to start trading in the UK.
  • What form should your business take?

    businesscorporatebusiness startupstaxpartnerships

    Date: 13 September 2010

    This article explains the pro's and con's of the four main business structures: sole trader, partnership, company and limited liability partnership.