The modern litigation lawyer needs to be creative and flexible over funding litigation.

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We would like to show you some of our innovative litigation tools like decision trees and cost budgets that allow us to give you a clear idea of what your options are and the cost implications. For a free demonstration please contact Bill Dixon on 0118 951 6328.

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We always aim to achieve a successful outcome in our clients’ cases without significant costs.  However, we recognise that litigation can be very expensive. 

Paying for litigation is not always straightforward.  Accordingly, to assist clients, we are able to offer a variety of funding options:

Standard Retainer - hourly rate   
Our time is billed at the appropriate hourly rate on a time spent basis.  The costs of your case are determined by the amount of work required.
Conditional Fee Agreement - CFA

In suitable cases, we may be able to offer you a CFA, also known as a "No Win No Fee" agreement.

Under a CFA, our time is recorded at an hourly rate but the liability to pay our costs, and the success fee, is deferred until the conclusion of the case.  If the claim is successful, our fees and success fee fall due for payment.  If the case is unsuccessful, we do not recover our fees (save for disbursements such as the expert’s fee or counsel’s fee).

Hybrid CFA This operates in a similar way to the CFA.  However, under a Hybrid CFA we charge a reduced hourly rate (say 50%) throughout the case.  The remaining time and success fee is deferred to the conclusion of the case.  If the claim is successful, our fees and success fee become due.  If the case is unsuccessful, we do not seek a further recovery of our fees (save for the reduced hourly rate already billed and the disbursements such as the expert’s fee or counsel’s fee).
Damages Based Assessment - DBA A DBA is similar to a CFA in that our fees are paid by the opponent on the successful conclusion of a case.  However, under a DBA, the fees to be paid are based upon an agreed percentage of the damages.  If the case is unsuccessful, no fees are due (save for disbursements such as the expert’s fee or counsel’s fee).
 Fixed Fee Arrangements We are able to undertake certain cases on a fixed-fee basis.  This means that we agree a fixed fee for conducting the whole of, or part of, the case.  If the costs exceed the agreed limit, we will not charge additional fees.
Blended Rates We work at a single agreed hourly rate.  However, the hourly rate is blended meaning that the same rate is charged whether a Partner or Associate is working on your case.
Flexible Rates

Where clients have a large number of cases with different monetary values, we can offer flexible rates meaning we charge a reduced hourly rate for Small Claims (up to £10,000) and Fast Track cases (up to £25,000) and agreed hourly rates (which may be reduced depending on volume) for Multi Track disputes (£25,000 and above) or non-monetary cases (for example injunctions).

Alternatively, for volume providers of litigation, we can offer discounted rates.

Legal Expenses/ BTE Insurance

Many individuals have BTE insurance as part of other insurance products.  For example, BTE insurance is regularly offered with car and home insurance policies. 

Where a claim has been made under the BTE policy, we will be able to act for you, subject to the terms of that policy, with your costs being met by the insurer (up to a maximum limit of indemnity, commonly £25,000 - £100,000). 

After-the-Event Insurance is also available to insure against the risk of paying your opponent's costs.
Third Party Funding

With third-party funding, your costs (and your opponents’ costs if the case is unsuccessful) are met by a third-party funder. 

If the case is successful, the funder charges you a percentage of your recoveries.  If the case is unsuccessful, you are not liable for their costs.  Litigation funding is only available in certain cases, usually where the sums in dispute are £3,000,000 or more.