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Day in the life of a family trainee

Our family trainees provide an insight into the typical day of a trainee solicitor in our family team.

8:30am I arrive at the office, make myself a cup of tea and chat to colleagues as they come into the office. I spend the first half an hour of my day making sure that my time recording is up to date, reading emails and diarising how my time is going to be spent throughout the day.

9:00am I accompany a solicitor to her meeting with a new client who wants some initial advice on divorcing her husband. During the meeting, we discuss the ground for divorce and the divorce process, collect a picture of the marital assets and discuss her proposals for the arrangements for the children. It is agreed that I will draft the divorce petition along with a letter to be sent to her husband, and undertake some research as to what steps she needs to take in order to take her children on holiday this summer.

10:30am After the meeting, I start on my tasks and also draft a letter of advice for the client summarising what was discussed at the meeting. I give this to the solicitor for her to review.

12:00pm I am going to court this afternoon so I have an early lunch and catch up with another trainee.

12:30pm During my family seat, I have spent a lot of time in court, often shadowing counsel and sometimes accompanying the solicitor if they are conducting their own advocacy. Today’s hearing is a final hearing for deciding the children’s future living arrangements. The solicitor and I meet the barrister we have instructed and our client at the court and we go into a break out room to discuss the case. Our barrister leaves our meeting room to discuss the case with the barrister acting for the other side, in an attempt to narrow the issues in dispute between their respective clients.

2:00pm We are called in to court and my job is to take a careful note of the evidence given to the court and any comments or questions raised by the judge.

5:30pm Court concludes for the day, the case is not yet finished and the evidence will continue tomorrow when we also expect to receive judgement. I drop my laptop back at the office and then go to a JLD wine tasting event in the evening; this is a great opportunity to meet other junior lawyers in the local area.