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De-licensing indoor sports, plays and dance Shows

The Government’s “red-tape” exercise is cutting into the Licensing Act 2003.  Since 27 June 2013 premises no longer need a licence to put on certain types of entertainment.  Mark Banham explains.

One of the questions that we have often been asked since the Licensing Act 2003 came into force is “Why on earth does my pub need a licence to host our own pool team”?  A good question, and often a difficult one to justify the answer to (at least in terms of practical, rather than strictly legal, purposes).

Thankfully, someone in Whitehall has been listening and as part of the general intention to deregulate and reduce red tape, as of 27 June 2013, indoor sporting events, plays and performances of dance may no longer need to be included as part of a Premises Licence.  Deregulation has not affected the other existing types of entertainment (live and recorded music and dancing, most notably) and the exempted three categories will still need a licence if:

  • the events involve large crowds (over 1000 people for indoor sports, or over 500 for plays and dance shows); or
  • they take place outside standard hours, i.e. outside 8am to 11pm.”

This is a very sensible relaxation, no doubt particularly welcome for smaller public venues such as local halls, schools and other locations used for this kind of cultural event. If the changes have an impact on you, please feel free to call Mark Banham on 0118 951 6243.