Family FSP

Since its inception Field Seymour Parkes has sought to be supportive of its employees and to help them develop in their careers and as people.

The impact of this commitment can be seen today in the number of people whose careers have successfully developed at the firm, our long-standing employees and in our staff retention rates.  We are proud that when people leave FSP they normally do so on good terms and we take pleasure in their ongoing success.

Our Family FSP ethos represents the values of the partners and how we look after our people.  It is also core to our business and by supporting and developing our people they are best able to support our clients.


  • We have fantastic people, from our receptionists to our partners, and every single one of them is key to our success.
  • Everyone is valued and treated fairly and with respect.
  • We are friendly and welcoming and want everyone to enjoy their work.
  • Advancement is on merit, not length of service or years post-qualification


1…of development

  • We give hands on experience and responsibilities to all who want it and promote from within where possible.
  • We seek to build long-lasting relationships with our staff as their careers progress with us.  An approach that mirrors the relationships we build with our clients and contacts.
  • Those relationships continue beyond employment, either on a personal level or as our ex-employees go on to become clients, referrers or business contacts.

2…of life outside

  • It is important we provide the best service we can to our clients, but we recognise that our staff have a wide array of family responsibilities, other commitments or interests, and a life outside of work.
  • We work together to support everyone in having a good quality of life outside of FSP.

3…in difficult times

  • Everyone has difficulties at some point, whether at work or at home.
  • We don’t overly publicise what we do, but we aim to be there for our people when they need us.
  • Through our open-door policy we encourage our staff to talk to our partners and management at any time about their challenges or concerns – no matter how big or small.


  • We aim to get everyone involved, whether through sector groups, marketing, our charitable foundation or our employee forum.  It’s not all about the partners.
  • We look to regularly share appropriate information with all staff about the business to allow participation and feedback.
  • Our fee-earners and partners do not hoard fees, work or client relationships – we work together to ensure the success of all and the best service for our clients.