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The employment team at FSP are pleased to invite you to their next HR Networking Event. For this session we are delighted to be joined by guest speaker Alastair Greener, a specialist in Generational Communication who will be revealing the results of his recent research on the subject of ‘Generational Friction In The Workplace’.

Alastair has said: “With four generations in the workplace it has never been so important to understand how each generation engages with each other. The survey results will show the impact that these four generations are having in the workplace, and what can be done to create a more cohesive work environment.”

He will also provide valuable insights in to generational thinking in 2023. Anyone who managed to speak to Alastair at our last meeting will know that this is set to be a fascinating talk. We are really looking forward to having him join us.

If your business would like to participate in this survey, you can do so using the link here.

Date: Thursday 14 September 2023

Time: 08:30am – 10:00am

Keynote Presentation: 08:45am

Where: The Corn Stores, 10 Forbury Road, Reading, England, RG1 1SB

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We reserve the right to refuse entry or cancel any ticket in our discretion and for any reason. We may, in particular, choose to do so if you have not provided all the required registration information, due to the limited number of spaces available or if you don’t form part of our target audience.