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HR Networking Forum

The employment team at FSP is hosting our spring HR Networking Event. We want to give HR professionals across Reading and beyond the opportunity to get together for a relaxed in-person networking session. We will host a short presentation at 9:00am, which will cover some key trends we have seen across the last 12 months, which we hope will lead to some interesting discussions.

Our expert lawyers will be there to discuss any relevant issues, but the aim is most importantly connection.

Date: Thursday 9th March 2023
Time: 8:30am – 10:00am
Where: The Market House, 1-2 Market Place, Reading, RG1 2EQ

Register here!

Registration for this free event is open to all, but the forum is aimed at HR professionals (both in-house or those who are part of a HR consultancy), in-house counsel, company directors and anybody with HR responsibilities within their organisation. We reserve the right to refuse entry or cancel any ticket in our discretion and for any reason. We may, in particular, choose to do so if you have not provided all the required registration information, due to the limited number of spaces available or if you don’t form part of our target audience.