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New BSI Codes of Practice

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has recently published two new Codes of Practice on product safety and product recall.

The BSI has recently published two new Codes of Practice which complement each other.

The first Code of Practice (referred to as PAS 7050:2022) helps businesses meet their obligations under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005, for the safety of new and used consumer products. It comprises two parts:

  • Part I, which is aimed at businesses (such as manufacturers, distributors, and the operators of online marketplaces for consumer products) and gives recommendations for the management of internal systems and supply chains in the delivery of safe products to consumers. It applies to new as well as second-hand consumer products, including products for hire and loan. Consumer products cover both those intended for consumers as well as those likely to be used by consumers. Part I is limited to the safety of products only, it does not include safety at the workplace, safety of persons due to environmental impacts, products covered by sector specific requirements (e.g. automotive, medicines or medical devises) or transactions made directly between consumers; and
  • Part II, which is intended for regulators that support businesses on meeting the guidance in Part I and covers the development of a product safety management plan (PSMP).

The BSI first Code of Practice can be downloaded on the BSI website here. It also includes a variety of checklists (Annexes A to E) to assist businesses in complying with Part I. The checklists are for guidance and are not an exhaustive list. Each organisation will have to determine their application on a case-by-case basis.

The second new Code published by the BSI is a revised version of the Code of Practice on product recall and other corrective actions (referred to as PAS 7100:2022), which can also be downloaded on the BSI website here. It adopts the same two-part structure as the first Code of Practice, with sections aimed at both businesses and regulators.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in relation to the new BSI Codes of Practice, you can contact our commercial and technology team at [email protected].