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New Law to Protect Citizenship Rights for Generation of Children

A generation of children born in the UK to EU parents have had their rights protected by new legislation.

Back in May 2023, the Home Office confirmed that British citizenship rights for people born in the UK to EU citizens between 1 January 1983 and 1 October 2000 are protected, after the lack of clarity on this point came to the fore – you can read more about this here.

Parliament has now made good on the Home Office’s promise, and passed legislation to protect these individuals, effective as of 29 June 2023. Minister for Immigration, Robert Jenrick, said “We want to be clear that we are not creating ‘new’ British citizens, but rather confirming the citizenship of individuals we have long considered, and treated as, British already under established Home Office policy”.

The new British Nationality (Regularisation of Past Practice) Act 2023 offers greater reassurance to an entire generation of individuals born in the UK to EU parents. Those who already hold a British passport can now be confident that their British documents and/or status will not be revoked, while those who are yet to apply for a British passport can now do so in the normal way.

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