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New Rules Introduced for Children’s 7 Year Settlement Route

The UK Government has introduced the new Appendix Private Life, changing the rules on children’s route to settlement.

Previously, a child could apply for leave to remain under the 10 years route, once they have lived in the UK continuously for a period of 7 years. This was the case whether or not the child was born in the UK.

However, the UK Government has replaced the old rules with the new Appendix Private Life, which differentiates between children born inside and outside of the UK. Appendix Private Life came into effect on 20 June 2022.

Under these new rules, a child who is born and lives in the UK for a continuous period of 7 years can immediately apply for settlement, rather than limited leave to remain. A child who is born in the UK but who has lived there for less than 7 years may, in certain circumstances, be added as a dependant to a person on a private life route, allowing them to regularise their immigration status.

Meanwhile, a child born outside the UK but who has lived there for a continuous period of 7 years can apply for settlement after 5 years, as opposed to the current 10 years.

Additionally, children can now apply for British citizenship only 12 months after obtaining settled status, regardless of whether they were born in the UK.

Fortunately, any applications made prior to the 20 June 2022 introduction date will be considered under these more generous Appendix Private Life rules.

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