Pricing information – Residential Property Remortgages


Our fees will be £750+VAT (charged at 20%) for a residential remortgage for you.

If you are remortgaging your home, we will need to carry out conveyancing searches which will be the same as for a purchase (see above). Sometimes a lender will allow us to omit the searches if we can provide some insurance cover. Where we can we will do so as this is always a cheaper option. The exact amount can be confirmed when we give you a quotation as it will depend on the amount you are planning to borrow.

Land Registry fees will be payable but again this depends on the amount you are borrowing and will range from £20 (for loans under £100,000) to £125 (for loans over £1million)

Our typical remortgage quote for a freehold property will look like the following:

Legal fee£750.00
VAT on fees£150.00
Bank Transfer£30.00
Official copies£6.00
VAT on searches£77.00
Pre-completion searches Via Infotrack£10.00
VAT on Pre-completion searches£2.00
Infotrack Charges£10.00
VAT on Infotrack Charges£2.00
Land registry fee£40.00
TOTAL£1462 incl VAT (charged at 20%)

The above quote is an estimate of costs only and you will need to contact a member of our residential conveyancing team for a specific quote tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Please note the legal fee quoted above does not include any work required to effect any transfer of ownership
  • The legal fee is based on a freehold property made up of a single registered title where the loan is less than £500,000.00
  • The use of the property being remortgaged is 100% residential
  • The borrower is a person and not a company
  • We are not required to deal with any third party solicitors