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Priority Service Returns for Family Visa Applications

On 20 February 2023, Priority Visa Services for family applications will return, allowing new and existing applicants to be able to speed up the application process.

The Home Office currently offer individuals with an existing Marriage or Family entry clearance visa the ability to ‘upgrade’ their existing application to receive a decision sooner. Shortly, the Home Office will begin to offer individuals making new applications the ability to apply for Priority Visa services too.

Family visa processing times have been severely impacted by delays. Those applying for a spouse visa have had to wait for up to six months to hear about the outcome of their application. The waiting times have been largely impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as several schemes were set up dedicated to support Ukrainians wishing to come to the UK. The reintroduction of priority services for individuals with existing family visa applications allowed individuals to upgrade their application for an additional fee of £573 if they wish for their application to be considered within 15 days.

From 20 February 2023, the Home Office will offer priority services to those who are making new family visa applications with a 30-working day processing timescale. Standard applications will return to the 60-working day processing timescale from 3 April 2023.

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