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Shortage occupations

New roles have been recommended to join the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). The new list proposes 70 roles, where we currently have 35 roles (for the UK).

20 of the new roles come from RQF 3-5 skill level and include ‘nursing auxiliaries/assistants’ ‘residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietors’, senior care workers’, butchers’, bricklayers’ and masons’. Many employers will welcome these changes once access to EU labour market is removed from 1 January 2021.

A role in the SOL can be paid a lower salary of £20,480 (whereas the skilled worker requires a salary of £25,600) to meet the requirements for the skilled worker visa. Many of the salaries for the roles in RQF3-5 skill level are set at a salary lower than £20,480. So whilst, we welcome inclusion in the SOL, those employers who cannot afford to pay these rates will have little benefit.

The expansion of the SOL is inevitable given the wide range of occupations to cover RQF3-5 as opposed to the current RQF6, but the new roles represents a considerable widening of the scope of the SOL and the skilled worker visa.

If you require more details about specific occupations, see full 649 page guidance.

If you require any assistance employing migrants from within the UK or overseas, please contact Imelda Reddington at [email protected].