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Update on UK-EU Relationship: week commencing 12 July 2021

Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol, guidance on how to implement expected before summer recess.

Last Wednesday the Prime Minister appeared before the Commons Liaison Committee to discuss British food across the world and touring musicians under the NI Protocol (Protocol).

The inquiry into the operation of the Protocol was continued by the NI Affairs Committee, taking evidence from women’s groups.

Monday 12 July – The European Scrutiny Committee is holding its first session to discuss the framework of the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Tuesday, 13 July  – Debate on fisheries management after the UK’s departure from the EU.

Wednesday 14 July – The House of Lords is taking evidence on the Protocol at Ireland/ NI Sub-Committee.   Topics for discussion include how to implement and operate the Protocol, a possible UK–EU veterinary agreement and the views/concerns of NI communities.

Thursday, 15 July – The NI Affairs Committee continues to look at Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Key take away points:

Key Dates for 2021:

  • 30 September: New date for GB-NI trade in chilled meat products.
  • 1 October: Ending of grace period before mandatory provision of food safety paperwork when moving agri-food goods between GB and NI.
  • 1 October (but extendable to July 2022): Deadline for determining whether the UK meets the conditions for exchanging personal data under the Prüm framework.
  • 31 December: Deadline for first review of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) provisions on air transport with a view to further liberalisation of ownership and control of air carriers.
  • 31 December: end of 12-month adaptation period for GB businesses to implement new EU regulation in relation to the flow of medicines to NI.