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Beating the pandemic blues

Ideas for motivating your staff and fighting off pandemic fatigue.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. A semblance of freedom and normality is almost within our grasp. Schools have returned, lockdown is gradually being eased and the prospect of 21st June is shining like a beacon of hope.

But why are so many of us still feeling a bit glum? Well, pandemic fatigue is real – we have had restrictions placed upon our lives for a whole year now and the Covid-19 rollercoaster has taken its toll and we are ready to get off.

If you are sensing a case of pandemic burnout amongst your staff, maybe it is time to think about ways of giving them a boost. There are lots of ways to do this and not all incentives or rewards have to hit your pocket too hard. Below are some concepts that are becoming increasingly popular that you might want to consider.

Remote working: Flexibility is huge right now. The working from home phenomena has taken off with many seeing the benefits. If remote working has proved successful in your business, offering employees more long-term flexibility when it comes to their working location, whether all or just part of the time can be an easy win. Just be sure to set out the rules surrounding any changes in writing so that everyone is clear on the terms.

Flexible hours: Relinquishing full control of working hours is probably unwise, but giving employees more control over when they work by allowing them to flex outside of set core business hours, can be very effective. As before, be sure to clearly set out any terms in a written policy.

Wellness incentives: With an increasing focus on mental health, this is another hugely popular movement. Helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviours long-term not only benefits the employee but also your business. There are options in this category for every budget – this really is one where you can get creative.

Vouchers: Digital gift-cards are a great and simple way to raise spirits. There are hundreds to choose from. Whether it be restaurants (for click and collect/April re-openings), supermarkets (who doesn’t like free groceries?), or even clothing retailers to buy some new threads for heading back into the office, these are usually well received.

The great thing about modern incentives and rewards is that you can be creative (while keeping things appropriate and inclusive) and not necessarily break the bank. Afternoon tea at your desk? Lovely! Personalised coffee cup? Yes please! Even if finances are strained at the moment, it is worth remembering that even a little can go a long way.