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New bundle of joy? Quick, make a Will!

Article aimed at encouraging new parents to review their existing Will provisions, or make a Will for the first time.

I have recently returned to work after maternity leave and thus remember all too clearly the whirlwind of excitement, joy, anticipation and nerves that accompany the arrival of a new baby.  Before you know it you are surrounded in a wonderful world of newborn cuddles, flowers, presents and helium balloons (as well as the unadulterated shock of sleep-deprivation and dirty nappies).

At such a time, when you are floating on cloud-nine and dealing with the not-insignificant-adjustment of looking after a new baby, it is easy to overlook the need to review your Will, or indeed to make one in the first place.  Who has the energy to think of such things at that time?

Well, me as it happens.  As a solicitor who deals with the repercussions of people dying without a Will (called dying intestate), or dying leaving a Will which does not reflect their current wishes or their current circumstances, I turned my mind very quickly to a review of the Wills of myself and my husband.  Not for my family the uncertainty and the financial catastrophe caused by poor planning.

Having raised the question with several of my new friends, all with young babies, I was surprised to learn that I was very much in the minority in having considered this important issue – well, not so much in the minority as in splendid isolation.  Everyone spends hours deciding which buggy to purchase, which bottles to use, washing those tiny newborn clothes in preparation, but no time at all in considering what would happen to this precious new person in the event that you were not able to care for them.

New parents, you’re missing a trick!  By making a Will you have the right to specify who you would like to look after your child in the event of your death, to make financial provision for that child and to give guidance to guardians on how you would like that child to be brought up.  This is a wonderful opportunity and an essential act for any new parent.  As an estimated 27 million people in England Wales do not have a Will – do not be a part of this depressing statistic.

So ring me today and let’s get started on a Will for you!