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No Fault Divorce: Where are we now?

In this podcast, Madeleine Young and Duncan Lomax of the Family & Matrimonial team take a deeper look at the impact of the introduction of “no fault” divorce, as we begin Good Divorce Week. Good Divorce Week, an initiative from Resolution, will this year be focussing on ending the family court crisis in light of the increasing backlog caused by the overstretched family court system.

As part of their discussion, Madeleine and Duncan look at:

  • What “no fault” divorce is and why it was brought in;
  • What the impact has been on divorces since the new law came into effect in April 2022; and
  • Where things might be going in the future.

They also discuss whether the new process has been successful and where things perhaps have not worked out as hoped.

Listen to the full podcast here: