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The lawyers at FSP need to keep up with frequent changes in the law.  We try to cover all significant and interesting developments in our news and articles.


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  • The 3% SDLT surcharge and main residences

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    Date: 15 October 2018

    James Burgess, a partner in our commercial property team, examines the upcoming change in the treatment of main residences for the purpose of the 3% SDLT surcharge.
  • What is the public’s right to pass over highways?

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    Date: 09 October 2018

    Joanna Stepien, a solicitor in the Commercial Property Team considers the public’s common law right to pass over highways.
  • A case of bad faith


    Date: 01 October 2018

    Christian Meredith focuses on the role of bad faith in a victimisation claim.
  • Can employers give 'bad' references?


    Date: 01 October 2018

    Helen Dent reports on new Acas guidance.
  • Resignation or dismissal


    Date: 01 October 2018

    A cautionary tale of when a resignation is not a resignation.
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