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Changing the name of your property

You may want to change the name of your property for many reasons, such as if you are building it for the first time, or if you are changing its use.  You may still have many years to go before you are ready to live in “Dunroamin”.

We are advising a client who is converting a redundant medical facility into commercial accommodation, and the current postal and Land Registry addresses are no longer of any relevance. They will not want mail intended for the now relocated medical facility to be delivered to them, or patients to turn up!

Land Registry addresses can be changed relatively easily by a simple application, but they need evidence of the change of name of the property to be provided to them. It is no longer sufficient to provide the Royal Mail’s address database details for properties. The Land Registry need to see evidence from the local authority’s “street naming and numbering” team confirming the change of address. Local authority websites will contain details of how to make such an application, and the modest fees payable for doing so.   Here is a link to Reading Borough’s page, for example:

Branding your commercial property or making personal to you the name of your dwellinghouse, can be important, so this should not be overlooked.