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Energy Performance Certificates – What are they?

Lauren Walker, an Associate in our Real Estate Team, explains what an Energy Performance Certificate is and when one is required.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which measures the energy efficiency of a property on a scale of A-G, similar to home appliances A being the most energy efficient and G being the lease. EPCs are a legal requirement for a building to be sold, let or constructed and once obtained, an EPC is valid for 10 years. Certain properties are exempt from the EPC Regulations (such as properties which do not have a roof or walls, places of worship and buildings without heating such as sheds or barns for example). Listed buildings are also exempt from the requirement for an EPC. Further information as to when an EPC is not required can be found here: Energy Performance Certificates for your business premises: Exemptions – GOV.UK (

EPCs are issued by an accredited Energy Assessor who conducts an energy assessment of the building and there is a central register for EPCs. There is a register for each of the following locations:

  1. England and Wales (Find an energy certificate – GOV.UK (
  2. Scotland (Home (
  3. Northern Ireland (Find an energy certificate – GOV.UK (

An EPC will also include a recommendation report which sets out the assessors recommendations for cost-effective improvements or alterations that can be made to the property, to improve the energy efficiency and rating for the certificate.

Since the 1st April 2018, MEES (Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 (SI2015/962) sets out minimum energy efficiency standards for commercially let properties. Under these regulations, commercially-let properties must have an EPC rating of E or higher to be let out. This includes on any lease renewal or re-letting. Where a property has a rating of F or G, works will need to be carried out at the property to improve the rating before it can be let.

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