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For International Women’s Day partner Penelope Garden shares some of her favourite podcasts by influential women.

Harvard Business Review has compiled a variety of podcasts entitled Women at Work to help women untangle some of the problems associated with gender discrimination within the workplace.

Next on the list is a hilarious yet very moving talk by highly successful tech entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley who came to the UK as a child refugee and became a successful business woman. This is one of those podcasts not to be missed Why do ambitious women have flat heads

The American technology executive, author and activist Sheryl Sandberg has made some insightful podcasts. The first Why women have too few women leaders is a good listen and in her follow up So we leaned in…now what? She shares her thoughts on what’s next for women in the workplace.

Susan Colantuono’s insights into the differences in the career advice men and women get and how this can hold back women from progressing because they don’t demonstrate that they understand the strategic aims of the business is also a must watch for any women aspiring to senior leadership roles:

Finally women are guilty of taking in too much and not believing anyone else can do it as well so they have to do themselves. LeanIn is a global community dedicated to helping women achieve their ambition and their website ( has lots of great content but I particularly like the advice given in this podcast on how to drop the ball to maintain your sanity and achieve more.