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Sarah Wray

Sarah Wray

  • CGT – Understanding the extent of Private Residence Relief

    propertycommercial propertyhomepageresidential property

    Date: 18 September 2018

    Richard Higgs, partner in our Commercial Property Team, considers the applicability of the Private Residence Relief for Capital Gains Tax to a sale of garden land where the house is retained.
  • Injunction against “urban explorers”

    propertycommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 18 July 2018

    Paul Dench considers the use of injunctions against modern trespassers and persons unknown.
  • Day in the life of a property trainee

    propertycommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 10 May 2018

    Our property trainees provide an insight into the typical day of a trainee solicitor in our residential and commercial property teams.
  • How to claim a refund from HMRC

    propertyresidential property

    Date: 23 February 2018

    Emma Ellis, a trainee in the Residential Property Team, discusses how to apply to HMRC for a repayment of the stamp duty land tax payable on additional properties when you qualify for a refund.
  • Modification of restrictive covenant unlocks land for development

    propertycommercial propertyresidential propertyproperty disputes

    Date: 19 October 2017

    Becky Powell, a trainee solicitor in the Commercial Property team, considers a recent decision of the Upper Tribunal to modify a restrictive covenant under a rarely successful statutory ground.
  • Buying stolen property – some cautionary tales

    propertycommercial propertyresidential propertyproperty disputes

    Date: 15 September 2017

    A recent purchase of a used car from a seller who had no right to sell it has re-ignited the debate concerning good faith, stolen goods, and title, as Samantha Simpson explains.
  • AirBnB may cause you to lose sleep

    propertycommercial propertyresidential propertyproperty disputes

    Date: 25 January 2017

    The exponential growth of AirBnB is a shining example of the so-called “sharing economy”. Mark Banham from our commercial property team considers the potential perils that hosts may encounter whilst using this service.
  • Declarations of Trust and Cohabitation Agreements

    divorce family civil partnershipsindividualsresidential propertywills trusts tax

    Date: 15 September 2016

    What are they and why might I need one? Lindsay Allen from our Family Team provides the answers.
  • Getting your house in order

    propertycommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 14 September 2016

    Mark Banham from our commercial property team explains the new regulations relating to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards in the Private Rented Sector.
  • What are a landowner’s options for strategic land development?

    propertycommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 19 May 2016

    Vicky McDonald and Michael Higgin from our Commercial Property Team take a look at what choices landowners have when considering how their land could be used for development.
  • Office-to-residential permitted development rights to be made permanent

    propertycommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 10 March 2016

    Lauren Ellison in our Commercial Property team looks at the Government’s decision to introduce a permanent permitted development right for change of use from offices to residential properties.
  • Using tax to change the housing market

    taxbusinessp-philippa-rolescommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 05 February 2016

    Philippa Roles, head of Tax at FSP, looks at the use to which the stamp duty land tax and income tax regimes are being put to bring about social and economic change in the UK housing market.
  • Landlords not complying with tenancy deposit rules

    businessproperty disputescommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 28 January 2016

    A report published by The Centre for Economic and Business Research in January 2016 suggests that 15% of landlords aren’t protecting tenants’ deposits. Mark Banham warns of the potential consequences.
  • The private rented sector – new rights for tenants

    propertycommercial propertyresidential leasesresidential property

    Date: 01 May 2015

    Joe Lott considers a raft of recent legislation designed to enhance the rights of tenants in the private rented sector. This has been backed up by new guidance published by the Government.
  • Section 21 notices just got harder

    propertyresidential propertycommercial propertyresidential leasesproperty disputes

    Date: 30 April 2015

    Joe Lott considers big changes to section 21 notices coming into effect in October 2015. There is plenty to think about for landlords and managing agents and planning ahead is essential.
  • Tenancy deposits – some important changes

    propertyresidential propertycommercial property

    Date: 24 April 2015

    Simon Roberts considers a number of important changes to the tenancy deposit rules. Landlords may welcome some of the changes but in some situations they will now have to act very quickly.
  • A Nuclear Deterrent to Development in Berkshire

    propertycommercial propertyresidential property

    Date: 27 February 2015

    Nuclear safety zones around the Atomic Weapons Establishments in Berkshire exclude General Development rights. Michael Higgin from our commercial property team explains.
  • Are monitoring fees a necessary planning obligation?

    propertyproperty disputesresidential propertycommercial property

    Date: 24 February 2015

    Anna Zatouroff examines a recent High Court decision on whether monitoring fees in a section 106 agreement could be charged under the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations.
  • Is terrorism a “usual comprehensive risk”?

    commercial propertyresidential propertyproperty

    Date: 15 January 2015

    Joseph Preisner, an associate in the Commercial Property team, reports on a recent case dealing with the necessity for landlords to consider terrorism insurance carefully.
  • When do Landlords need to consult?

    propertycommercial propertyproperty disputesdispute resolutionresidential property

    Date: 18 December 2014

    Joe Lott, a partner in our property disputes group, considers in what circumstances landlords need to consult with leaseholders about “qualifying works” following the 2014 Court of Appeal decision in Francis v Phillips.
  • All change for agricultural buildings?

    propertyfarming and estatescommercial propertyresidential propertyeducation

    Date: 02 April 2014

    James Burgess considers the impact of the recent amendment to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 for rural communities.
  • Getting information on service charges – not so easy

    commercial propertyresidential propertyproperty disputesbusiness

    Date: 19 February 2014

    How can a reluctant landlord be forced to provide final service charge accounts? Joe Lott explains that the Court of Appeal has just issued some, possibly controversial, guidance.
  • VAT shock for home owners with solar panels

    propertyresidential propertycommercial propertytax

    Date: 28 June 2013

    The European Court has ruled that homeowners with solar panels are in business and therefore liable to register for VAT. Sarah Wray, head of our residential property team, and Philippa Roles, head of tax, explain.
  • Sometimes advance rent is just that

    dispute resolutionbusinessp-tim-childresidential propertycommercial propertyproperty

    Date: 04 June 2013

    Residential landlords have to be very careful to properly register deposits, or dire consequences can follow. But what about rent paid in advance? Joe Lott considers the latest guidance from the Court of Appeal, and possible implications for landlords.
  • A buyer's guide to conveyancing

    propertyresidential property

    Date: 12 April 2013

    This quick guide tells you all about buying a house or a flat. Packed with useful information, you will learn about the legal process (including searches and enquiries) as well as about mortgages, buildings insurance and stamp duty.
  • A highway to nowhere? No way

    propertycommercial propertyproperty developmentresidential property

    Date: 21 September 2012

    Michael Higgin, partner in our commercial property team, looks at a recent case where an attempt to designate land as a highway failed because there was no way for the public to get to or from the land.
  • Insuring your property against flooding

    propertyproperty developmentresidential propertycommercial property

    Date: 21 June 2012

    Insuring your property against the risk of flooding may become increasingly difficult to do. Dean Bickford, partner in our commercial property team, explains why.
  • Give and take is better than all or nothing

    residential propertycommercial propertyproperty disputesproperty

    Date: 22 May 2012

    Battling with your neighbour through the courts can be distressing and expensive. The Court of Appeal has now made it clear that they will expect the parties to try to work things out before a court case comes to trial.
  • Selling up? Don't double your trouble

    businesscommercial propertycorporatedispute resolutionresidential propertybusiness startups

    Date: 28 January 2011

    Penny Garden from our corporate team explains what to watch out for if you are selling a business or house and decide to change your corporate finance adviser or estate agent.
  • A seller's guide to conveyancing

    propertyresidential property

    Date: 27 January 2009

    This quick guide is intended to give you an overview of a typical residential sale but please bear in mind that every transaction is unique and that variations may arise.