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UK and Canada Extend Youth Mobility Schemes

The UK and Canada have signed a new agreement, expanding on their reciprocal youth mobility visa schemes.

Back in May 2023, the UK’s new Free Trade Agreements with Australia and New Zealand afforded Australians and New Zealanders improved terms for their Youth Mobility Scheme visas – you can read more about these benefits here.

It appears that the options for youth mobility visas are something that the UK Government are keen to continue expanding on, particularly within the CANZUK sphere, following the announcement of the Canada – United Kingdom Youth Mobility Arrangement in July 2023. The Arrangement will expand on the existing reciprocal agreements between the UK and Canada, which already allow young people from Canada to live and work in the UK, and vice versa.

Currently, Canadians can participate in the UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme from age 18-30, with the same age limits for British citizens applying to Canada’s International Experience Canada scheme. However, from 2024, the age limits for both schemes will be extended to up to 35 years’ old. In addition, Brits and Canadians will now be able to stay in each other’s countries for up to three years, an increase on the current cap of two years.

The application fee for a Youth Mobility visa is currently £259, and there is an immigration healthcare surcharge due of £470 per year. However, the UK Government has recently announced that immigration fees are set to rise, meaning that the overall cost of coming to the UK on a Youth Mobility visa is likely to increase shortly.

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